Karuun – A Material Revolution
Animation 3D Creative Direction
Animation about the different product categories and the characteristics of »karuun«
3D product rendering showing a piece of Karuun Shine detaching from a rattan block
product shot shows the veneer karuun Shine. the image is used as product image in the store system
Product rendering of »karuun« shine
the complete karuun lineup. the products were rendered to appear as uniform as possible
»karuun« stripe, shine & 3D
a picture from the jungle. In such an environment, the raw material for karuun is obtained, rattan
a freshly harvested piece of rattan. after the manufacturing process, this material can be used as an interior element, for example in cars from the chinese manufacturer nio
The trunk of the rattan palm shortly after harvest
Scene from the explanatory film about the product

karuun GmbH


Miriam Bröckel


karuun GmbH


2019 - 2022

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