RIN – Festivals 2022 / 2023
Animation Music Typography
Rin live at Splash! Festivalperforming the song keine liebe
Stage visuals for Rin live at »Splash!« festival
bold neighbor font, chapter separator for the rin show
View from the stage rin heats up the crowd
Rin live at Hurricane Festival 2023 standing in front of a giant typography Bietigheim
Live at »Hurricane« festival 2023
Rin plays the song Sado in front of a large minimalist graphic animation
rin shrouded in fog and green light
performing the song sternenstaub featuring schmyt at his festival tour giant led screen
A large silhouette on the LED screen is combined with a visual by touch designers
Rin performs Sado at the Splash Festival in front of a minimalist architecture
co2 effects and at night with a huge LED screen
Large 3D lettering, cloth simulations, or big 3D flowers are combined with the silhouette of the artist
Rin plays the song Blackout in front of a large analog kinetic typography animation
blurry effect for the live image of the show, distorted and equalized
Real-time effect with Touch Designer
Sea of lights at night at the Rin and Bausa concert in Bietigheim
Closeup in front of a large screen with a silver 3D curtain that glitters and slowly blows


Production & Lighting Design

Studio Clemens Loeffelholz

Realtime video effects



Bitte Einen Film


Sebastian Huber & Paul Gärtner


2022 / 2023

Bewegtbildgrafik is a visual and motion design studio located in Stuttgart, Germany. We specialize in art direction and production for visual experiences such as music visuals, corporate motion, illustration, typography, and everything visual. More
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