Trettmann DIY – Festivals
Creative Direction Music Animation
Stage visuals for »Trettmann« live at the »Splash!« festival in the »ARTE Concert« stream
portrait of trettmann at the splash festival
Splash! festival 2018
The first »Trettmann« show with visuals. Here’s the DIY intro
the view from the stage to the audience in the foreground trettmann at his first show
Music video for the intro of »Trettmann’s« second album
Merchandise for »Kitschkrieg«
merchendise Schrift design für Produzententeam Kitschkrieg
fizzle and fiji kris wearing the kitschkrieg flag hoodie and tshirt the motif shows a handlettering


Creative Direction

Studio BBG, Studio Clemens Loeffelholz

Production & Lighting Design

Studio Clemens Loeffelholz


Kitschkrieg, Robin Albrecht


ARTE Concert



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